Macallan 12 Year

Macallan 12 Year


Imagine how good you could get at poker, origami or knitting if you had a few centuries to hone your craft. Well, that's just what The Macallan did. With nearly 200 years of distilling experience, The Macallan is one of the most respected and acclaimed Scotch distilleries in the world. With six product lines, there's nothing The Macallan doesn't cover. However, it's The Macallan 12 Year that really steals the show. Considered by many as the finest 12-year Scotch available, The Macallan 12 Year is a smooth, yet almost sweet Scotch whisky that gets 80 percent of its flavors and undertones from the American sherry oak casks that the spirit calls home for 12 long years. After The Macallan 12 Year emerges from the oak cask, it has a flavor that's tantamount to pure pleasure for the avid Scotch fan, and even for beginners. Opening

the bottle reveals a not-so-subtle aroma of vanilla, followed by ginger and dried fruit. If this doesn't make you run off for a nice helping of dessert, pour yourself two fingers and take a sip. You'll be greeted by toffee, sherry, wood smoke and a spiciness that's a thing unto itself. Like a cup of coffee, there's really no wrong way to drink The Macallan, but purists will tell you it's perfect neat or with a splash of water to get the flavors popping. If you must have a cocktail, try it in the always-classy Old Fashioned for a real treat.





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